Shustov Cognac museum

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Information about trip

This is a trip that we strongly advise you to take.

Not only you visit with professional guidance one of the most exclusive cognac production companies in Europe comparable to Armenian and French cognacs. And not only different cognacs will be tasted by you in such a way that you really will understand what quality is and why cognac prices can be so high and can differ so much.

But also the Shustov cognac company has understood what has to be offered to demanding tourists and visitors these days. Shustov has surrounded the cognac production with a museum where everything is possible to someone who wants to know about cognac. It will be all explained. Shustov organizes cultural performances, from theater to music, on a very high level as well as exhibitions of different nature together with the enjoyment of the cognacs.

Do not miss this as it not only one of the few places in the world to enjoy so freely the cognacs but it will present for each visitor something that he will not easily forget.

Trip Detail

  • Modules: pg,C,D