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Odessa has always had a big variety in population but traditionally the Jewish population is by far the largest. The city is full of landmarks that show the big influence of the Jewish culture and Jewish style of living.
Odessa Trips has worked out for you a walking tour showing the most peculiar and interesting influences of the Jewish culture, together with information about Jewish writers ( like Isaac Babel) and the places they wrote about.

You will be surprised how interesting history can develop itself and how much it is often not mentioned in general information about the city. But in order to understand Odessa then and now in the best way, this walking tour is almost a necessity. It has led to a trading mentality that Odessa is proud of and that origins from its strategic position at the Black Sea and its very diverse population.

In this tour we also included the Privoz Market.This is something you should not miss.

The Privoz market is the best example of this mentality and it shows very colorful what trading over the past centuries must have been. It is extremely lively and everything is sold and bought. The market started in 1827 when salesmen came and used their horses to put their sales products on.

If you want to be a part of another culture, go there. You will fall from one surprise into another.

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