Had a trip with his fellow staff members.

Michel from Toulouse in France was asked to prepare the yearly company trip. An honorable request.

He works for a middle seized company that is very successful and they like to show their original way of working by selecting an original city to visit on their yearly trip.

With travel time included, 6 days is the absolute maximum. So the South Pole is a no go.  A travel agency specialized in these trips advised him Odessa.

Certainly impressively unique and still not too far away. Everyone is familiar with the name of the city but who knows more? After having seen all the possibilities that Odessa Trips offers, Michel was 100% sure this would satisfy the expectations of the management.

And he was right.

The trip they made was the following:

  • The first day a tour was made through the old French inspired centre of Odessa and in the evening there was a company dinner in one of the very special restaurants of Odessa with specially organized live music ( piano, sax and cello);
  • On day 2 it was decided to do in the morning some cultural activity and in the afternoon some visits in the country side and into the night life: so Belgorod fortress and interesting cities and villages were chosen; although this took a large part of the day there was still time for a trip on the Black Sea. At night a visit to Arcadia discotheques was made and next morning the program start was shifted to late in the morning.
  • Day 3 was meant to be a day with a cultural flavor and therefore the Opera House was visited, also the Church and Monastery tour was taken and a visit to the museum for Western Arts was also included. The evening was spent as follows: a private dinner with a specially organized piano player and later two girls who played the violin in a very romantic way as it only can be in Odessa with its many music influences. Later it was decided to take the live music tour so music played an important role that day.
  • Day 4 started with internal meetings in the city hall of Odessa that was specially made available for our company. Later we had a lively and inspiring discussion about Ukrainian and Odessa politics. Dr. Babich showed his enormous knowledge regarding the Odessa political system where by his sense of humor will not easily be forgotten.
  • Day 5 We split the group in 3 and took some different items; among that the Gangster city Odessa was popular as well as the trip that went to places that reminded of the famous writers that lived in Odessa; a smaller group could not resist the possibility to do fishing on the Black Sea in combination with the Catacombs of Odessa and in the afternoon we all went to the Shustov Cognac  Museum. Fantastic.  And in the evening we went to a traditional Ukrainian restaurant, of course all on advice of Odessa Trips, and had a splendid last evening. A few went later to Arcadia discotheques and others had their drinks and fun on the terraces in the centre of the city.

A fantastic week.

The total costs for the 6 day trip with everything included except airplane fares and food and drinks:  as the group of our company consisted of 9 persons they paid per person euro 730,- including hotel, all transports in a private luxury car, and all tickets for entrances, all guides and more.

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