Dennis made a 5 days trip with his post graduate student friends.

Celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their student club. Dennis said they wanted something different but still not too far away as it was for a few days.

We advised to leave some time for themselves and reserve time to relax; they did:

  • they visited on day 2: Shustov cognac museum and in the afternoon the beaches of Odessa; at night they took the live music evening;
  • on day 3 they first visited the Catacombs of Odessa and then the Odessa gangster town trip and they could take a small trip also: the Potemkin stairs and in the evening Arcadia night life;
  • as day 3 was very intensive they decided to do on day 4 only the Shabo  Winery; in the evening they visited the city by themselves;
  • on day 5 they made a nice trip on the Black Sea in the morning and then visited the Opera house to end in a cultural way.

It was a very intensive program but that was the intention. At the same time they had all the time in the world to talk to each other and to go out till early in the morning. They had numerous discussions about everything and disagreed also about everything but agreed 100% on one thing: Odessa girls are the most attractive in the world.

The total costs for everything included except airplane fares and food and drinks: euro 715,- (including hotel, all transports in private luxury car, all tickets for entrances and all guides, and more).

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