A successful journey begins with good information in advance. We explain here all the necessary information to book your trip in the most easiest and responsible way. It includes the travel conditions and the documents you receive.

What you should know before you go:

  • Information about the entry regime and visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine you can see HERE.
  • the national currency of Ukraine is the Grivna. The stability is limited and to see the actual exchange rate with the Euro, please click here.  Grivna, Euro or US dollar will easily made available by the many teller machines. For safety reasons, please inform with our staff which machines are 100% safe for withdrawing money.
  • climate: sub tropical climate but because of the sea, not too hot in summer; winter is generaly  mild. See weather forecast HERE.
  • insurance: it is strongly advised to have a full medical insurance and a third part liability. Most western insurances have this in their standard packages. Medical care is good.
  • food & drinks: the food is in general good and to a big degree comparable with European food; traditional Ukrainian food is enjoyable to taste and very acceptable to a Western stomach. The food prices  are at present very attractive. No special remarks about drinks.
  • roads: although the road might be poorly maintained in many places, in general the roads are okay. It is absolutely no problem to travel by road.
  • language:  Odessa is a Russian speaking city; English and French can be used in most places and all information is also in English.

Odessa trips follows the conditions of the ANVR ( General Dutch Enterprise for Travel Companies) although Odessa Trips is not a member. These conditions are included on an other page of our website. In conflicting text between the ANVR conditions and the specific Odessa Trips conditions as outlined here, the Odessa Trips conditions prevail.

Cancellation by Odessa Trips: conditions

If for a reason not due to the customer the trip or part of the trip cannot be made, then there will be a refund ( if prepayment has been made) as follows:

  • 100% refund of all costs regarding the selected items;
  • 100% refund of the hotel costs for the not used part of the hotel stay;
  • 100% refund of the transport costs for the not used part of the transport.
  • No costs refund for airline tickets. It is advised to take a separate airline cancellation insurance.

Other calamities have to be covered by the insurance of the customer.

Cancellation by the customer: conditions

Odessa Trips follows the cancellation conditions of the ANVR ( article 12.2) with the following wordings:

The traveller has the right to cancel the booked trip by registered mail. Per traveller for this the following costs have to be paid:

  • cancellation until 14 days for the planned departure: the pre payment has to be paid ( 20% of the total payment for the trip);
  • cancellation less than 14 days before the planned departure: the total payment for the trip has to be paid;
  • no cost refund for airline tickets. It is advised to take a separate airline cancellation insurance.

A good cancellation insurance in general covers the costs mentioned above.

Travelling to countries with different cultures.

Ukraine is a country with a culture different from Western Europe and with a different mentality and customs. This makes our trips even more interesting but please take into account that some things are different than our customers are used to. Food, hotels and infra structure can be different. Please take notice of this in advance.

Change of the trip program by Odessa Trips

It can never be excluded that, due to circumstance not to be influenced by Odessa Trips, a change of the program becomes necessary. This will only happen when it is absolutely necessary and Odessa Trips will do everything possible to let the change be at least on the same level as the original planned item.

Information about the trip

Each trip has extended information about all the facilities offered. Please take note of this information carefully as it is an essential part of the trip itself. The information will be forwarded to you through Internet.

Payment and invoice

After subscription to a trip the customer will receive within a short period of time an invoice. The invoice is also the confirmation of the booking. Please control the information on the invoice very carefully. The surnames and first names must be in total agreement with the passport and the airline tickets.

The pre payment is 20% of the total amount due. This amount has to be paid within 10 days after receiving the invoice. The remaining part of the total payment has to be paid latest two weeks before departure.

In case of booking less than 3 weeks before departure a specific payment arrangement will be made.

Online payments

Payments can be made with i deal, credit cards and bank transfers. Payments have to be made to the account of:  Entertainment Management of Ukraine;  IBAN: NL97 INGB 0007 1998 45.

Travel documents and visa

At present there is for Western Europe citizens NOT a visa requirement for Ukraine. Please, in case of doubt, check with the Ukrainian Embassy in your country.


Food and drinks during the trip are for the account of the customer. Odessa Trips will be very happy to give advice about restaurants and has several discount agreements.

It speaks for itself that all entrees for organized events are included in the total payment.

Something not in order?

Odessa Trips values highly that, in case something during the trip might not be in order or not be according to expectations, immediately inform us. In this case we can take direct action to correct the situation. In case the defectiveness could not be corrected during the trip, then it is strongly advised to report this as soon as possible after returning from the trip. Otherwise, according to the ANVR travel conditions, any right on possible compensation might be lost.

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