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The Soviet Union had a political structure that was very far removed from the political structure we know in Europe. During the 70 years of Communism this has led to a very different world. Still not many people can give an explanation how the present Russian and Ukrainian politics work these days after the Soviet Union ended. Furthermore Odessa under Soviet times had a very peculiar system so it is not difficult to imagine that to understand nowadays politics in Odessa is really difficult.

That is why Odessa Trips is proud to have succeeded in finding Dr. Babich who is ready to give some insight on the local politics. Dr. Babich was born and raised in Odessa and has had a career very close to the political heads of power. Dr. Babich has extensive experience working in Western companies and is therefor the ideal person to explain how the politics of his city work.

We will visit the town hall of Odessa and if desired can take a guided tour and visit the centre of decisions but a lecture will be given by Dr. Babich which will make your ears flapping. Nothing is as it is expected to be and you fall from one surprise into another. Questions are more than welcome. No better way to understand a tip of the iceberg of local former Soviet politics than this visit. Do not miss it.

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