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Depending on your time schedule and interests it could be worthwhile to visit one or several of the cities and villages surrounding Odessa. Of course there are many possibilities for this and our trip planner is more than happy to inform you about it. But here we like to give a few suggestions: Nikolayev: city at the Black Sea. During Soviet times this city was closed for visitors as it was used as a military city.

This has had big consequences for the style of the city and the position in which Nikolayev is now. This is a visit to a true Ukrainian city where industry plays a big role;

Kherson: Situated at the Black Sea and at the Delta of the river Dnepr. During the last decennia it has been known for its big shipyards and still is important in this field. Also an industrial city but with a surprisingly number of interesting landmarks. A visit to Kherson can be in a good combination with a visit to Nikolayev.

Close to Kherson one can find the natural park called Askania Nova. For Ukraine this is a good example how the richness of nature should be protected. A visit is recommended and can be done very well in combination with a visit to Kherson and Nikolayev.

With this trip you get the opportunity to see Ukraine as it really is.

One village to the other side of Odessa is Vilkovo. It is called the Venice of the East as life in this village is taken place only through the small canals. It is an old village that is not easily expected in Ukraine. It is certainly worth visiting. This trip can be made in combination with a boat trip on the Black Sea.

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